Glass. How to collect a complicated but valuable form of waste.

Glass Waste Collection

Today we’ll discuss another kind of waste. Glass. It’s the easiest kind of waste to be recycled. This is why Italy is in second place amongst the biggest recycling countries in Europe. With our 1,800,000 tons of glass recycled per year, only Germany is ahead of us, and we’re setting a notable example for countries … continua a leggere

​Unloading problems: when waste compaction becomes a problem.

Rifiuti compressi

Unloading difficulties. We can ask our trucks to compact waste more and more, but if we can’t unload it (because they’re stuck in) it will be useless. We are now at a point where compaction has reached very high levels. Technology has helped us and the new materials allow waste to be compressed to 4:1 … continua a leggere